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Make your own personalised keyrings

Make your very own personalised Key rings in Fab Lab:

  1. Create the shape and design of your key-ring in inkscape
  2. Use the measure functions to make your key ring a suitable size
  3. Import an image from the web and trace a bitmap – this will allow the laser cutter to engrave the design
  4. Check the fill and stroke properties to ensure that all cuts and raster profiles are correct 
  5. Save the file as a PDF and transfer to the laser cutter
  6. Cut and raster the file onto clear acrylic
  7. Cut the same file with vector only in white acrylic ( this is the back)
  8. Colour in the engraved image with permanent markers ( excess marker can be wiped away with white spirit)
  9. Join the two pieces together with liquid solvent cement

​There you have a completely unique personalised colour keyring