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Gerbil cutter

The gerbil cutter can have many uses, especially when making forms and molded plastic and needing to remove the flash.

This gerbil cutter was made by attaching an ordinary dremmel tool to a bed and fixing it using legs.

First of all decide on your bed size, I settle for 40cm by 40cm this was drawn up in partworks. Then we drew out legs that would attach and slot into the bed. Also very important measure the diameter of the collar fixing for the dremel where it will attach to the bed! Get this as precise as possible! The slots were then dog-bone filleted to ensure a snug fit. After the legs and the bed were cut the dremel was screwed and fixed to the bed and the hieght from the top of the bed to the cutting blade was measured. It was then decided to cut another 2 beds to add onto the top to ensure a distance between the blade and bed was between 2 and 5 mm.

This distance means you can cut 3mm material from a mold easily. After it has all been attached together you can ensure it is stable and use. Please use with caution!