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3D printed robotic arm

As a keen robotics enthusiast Steven has always dreamt of making his own robot!

This is the InMoov completely 3D printed robot. All files are open source. They are able to be downloaded from they can be imported into Blender 3D and adjusted. Once you are happy with the design you can send them over to a 3D printer and print them! Then you're left with a rather large robotic jigsaw puzzle! Once it is constructed, servos can be installed. The servos are then wired upto an Arduino Mega (the mega allows the use of alot more servos and inputs), a very simple code can then be constructed to make things move and work! This robot has been coded to play Rock, Paper Scissors! Why not arrange to come in the lab and take a look! You can always start small and work up to something of this scale.


Created in FABlab Belfast by Steven