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What can I make at FabLab?

    Learn how Bronagh made this amazing looking Press fit lamp!

    Sometimes the simplest projects can be the most satisfying and visually striking.  Anyone who comes into the lab will soon learn about Paddy’s passion for woodwork. This little project is the result of that.

    As a keen robotics enthusiast Steven has always dreamt of making his own robot!

    Kevin MIller

    These beautiful objects were created from sketches drawn by hand, scanned then imported in to Inkscape and coverted to Bitmaps.  The files were then engraved and cut on 6mm clear perspex on the laser cutter. 

    Jena Magennis

    The Mood light is a small light that is powered by a 9v battery and controlled by programmable micro controller (Mini – computer), 

    Mill, clean and tin all of the RGB boards

    Load  RGB program onto chips using ATTINY44 programmer

    Text and images were imported from Photoshop into Partworks for editing in preparation to be cut on the shopbot .  The images had to adjusted slightly to ensure that all parts of the stencil would remain attached to the main body.  The font used in the text of the...

    Paddle your Own Canoe

    Build your own wall lettering installation

    This is a prototype of a robotic arm moved using servos which are controlled by Arduino through the computer.