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Laser Marquetry

Sometimes the simplest projects can be the most satisfying and visually striking.  Anyone who comes into the lab will soon learn about Paddy’s passion for woodwork. This little project is the result of that.

Marquetry is the process of inlaying small coloured pieces of wood into a larger piece to create a picture or a pattern.  It is often seen on extremely high quality vintage furniture. Traditionally this would be performed with extremely sharp chisels and gouges of various sizes. Paddy decided to “Fab it up”

Using the Epilog Mini laser cutter, the pattern was etched into the plywood base. The settings were adjusted so that the etch would be approximately 0.25mm deep.

The same pattern was then adjusted in inkscape so that it would then be a vector pattern. The pattern was increased in scaled up by approximately 1% of the original size ( This takes into account the “kerf” of the laser beam). The pattern was cut out of very thin solid wood veneers and stuck into the etch of the plywood base.

After a very light sanding the cellulose finish was applied to bring out the contrasting colours of the wood veneers and plywood.

Why not come along and have a go at “digital marquetry” in the lab


Created in FABlab Belfast by Paddy