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The aim of the Fab Lab is make the design tools available to all. Therefore we use freeware where possible.

Here is a list of the current design tools and software we use. If you are not familiar with drawing packages, it is worth downloading a few at home and doing the online tutorials and you can be designing away in no time.

Equipment Ubuntu Software Windows Software
Epilog Laser Cutter Cad/Camm (MIT software) Inkscape(2D), Gimp(2D), Open office(2D)
Roland Vinyl Cutter Cad/Camm (MIT software) Cutstudio (2D), Inkscape(2D), Gimp(2D)
Modela Desktop Miller and 3D Scanner Cad/Camm (MIT software) Sketchup(3D), Blender(3D), Eagle(Circuit boards)
Bit From Bytes 3D Printer Qcad(3D) Sketchup(3D), Blender(3D)
Shopbot CNC Router Qcad(3D) Part works(2D&3D), Sketchup(3D), Blender(3D)

Please note if you have files made using other software, where possible you might want to bring your software in case you need to tweak things during your visit to Fab Lab NI.