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Arduino for Intermediates @ FABlab Belfast




About this event

If you already have a grasp of how Arduino works then this workshop will allow you to build on this knowledge and experiment further. Ideally you’ll have experience of loading and compiling code as well as a basic understanding of the structure of the Arduino board itself.

During this class the participants will be involved in writing code for inputs, using if/else statements in conjunction with relevant outputs. This class will also focus on the structure of code and varieties of possible statements which could be used including optional voids and variables. Servos, sensors, LED'S and breadboards/jumpers will be used to experiment and learn new techniques!

This class will explore the serial monitor, what it is used for as well as using sensors to make things happen!

Ages: This workshop is suitable for all ages 12yrs and upwards, 12-16yr old must be accompanied by a adult.

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