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About this event

FabLab Belfast is hosting a fix it club! Have a go at fixing and repairing your household and personal items with the help of the FabLab team!


-Are you tired of throwing away broken or outdated electronics and electrical equipment?

-Do you have something that is of importance or of value to you but needs to be repaired?


Why not come and learn about how you can repair your items and learn what they look like while you open them up.  We will look at how the item was designed and you will learn what makes these objects tick.


This evening session is open to individuals can come to FabLab with a broken electrical, mechanical or electronic item to get some help or advice to repair it.  This is not a service where experts silently fix things with people watching – it is about learning, sharing and the activity between repairer and those of us who are not used to opening things up and having a look! 


This will be open to everyone and we will be looking for some volunteers to help, especially people who can help others fix almost anything (most of us have someone like this in our family!).  We cannot always promise a fix and this won’t always save money, but will give you more confidence in understanding how items are designed and how they work.


If you don't have anything to fix but are curious about how things work or would like to extend the life of something rather that just buy a new one and creating more waste, then fix it club is for you! 


We will start with electronics (laptops, PC’s, Phones, chargers, TV’s, Tablets....) and electrical items (coffee makers, Kettles, Vacuums, Headphones etc) and broken bits of working machines, so please don’t arrive with your 1978 Morris Minor at the first session! Our machines are always at your disposal!




Tuesday 28th July

6pm – 9pm

FabLab Belfast


Contact: Patrick O’Hare

02890 755412


FabLab Belfast


5 Churchill Street, Belfast, BT15 2BP


028 9075 5412


028 9035 1326

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