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Digital Paintings

Kevin MIller

I have created from digital sketches 3d laser cut artforms using FabLab. I digitally paint the original image in an app called Layerpaint on a my android phone. The phone is always with me so it is the perfect thing to pull out and work on if I see something I can use to create an image.

T-Shirt printing Fab Lab style!

Make your very own personalised screen printed T-shirts in Fab Lab:

Using your chosen images import into Inkscape and convert to vectors by tracing the image as a bitmap

Or for text – choose your font and lettering style and get typing

Arrange the final design

Export for final design as a Jpeg

In Cut Studio open up your final design – convert the image to outline and send to the vinyl cutter.

Once cut you will need to grab a pair of tweezers and start removing

Colour changing Mood light

The Mood light is a small light that is powered by a 9v battery and controlled by programmable micro controller (Mini – computer), 

Mill, clean and tin all of the RGB boards

Load  RGB program onto chips using ATTINY44 programmer

Solder the pre-programmed chips and surface mount components to the RGB boards

Cut out a square of white acrylic that is 20cm by 20cm on with the laser cutter

Cut out the base and battery assembly

Heat the acrylic in the oven to 400 °Centigrade

Once heated remove from the oven and place on the mould

Reverse Graffiti

Text and images were imported from Photoshop into Partworks for editing in preparation to be cut on the shopbot .  The images had to adjusted slightly to ensure that all parts of the stencil would remain attached to the main body.  The font used in the text of the graffiti was chosen with this in mind too.

Using 8' x 4' sheets of 9mm builders Plywood the Shopbot carved the stencil taking three passes for each letter.