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FabLab and BBC turn studio in to a construction zone for NI Science Festival

FabLab Belfast will be at the heart of BBC’s ‘Make it Digital’ as part of the NI Science Festival where they will show the power of digital fabrication by constructing a building live in the studio, a first for Northern Ireland.

Designed on a PC, the parts will be cut out in the FabLab and constructed in the studio – The house represents what can be possible within the creative environment of  FabLab. It embodies the concept of being able to enter a space and go seamlessly from ideas, design, prototype, and eventually manufacture – all using digital tools. 

Made using a 3D design software, 23 sheets 18mm sustainable plywood will be cut on a CNC mill to create the structure.  Volunteers and school children will help contract the house and using FabLab’s 3D printers and Laser cutter create funky windows and decoration for this house, they will also see first hand the way design thinking and digital fabrication can create almost  anything. The structure will be open source allowing students to see STEM> S.T.E.A.M in all areas from the design and simple joints to stress analysis and creative problem solving. It is meant to show the ease at which anything can be built. The importance weighted firmly on S.T.E.A.M and emphasized through its impressive stature.

FabLab Belfast will have this and their Pop Up FabLab at the BBC on Thursday 26th February 10am – 7pm, Friday 27th February 10am-9pm and Saturday 28th February 10am-7pm. 

Steven Hunter STEAM Officer commented:

‘Schools can see how a designing and making a box using software and a CNC machine can lead to a house by using same process of design and manufacture.  Making this open source means the design can be altered or improved to meet a specific need.  This shows that with a network of maker spaces you can send the design to anywhere in the world and with standardised materials it could be recreated.  Communities can redesign environment, tailor made at fraction of price, reinventing the way we regenerate our landscape both urban + rural.’

Make it Digitlal is suitable for all ages and family friendly this free event, which is part of the NI Science Festival, invites you to get creative with technology. We’ll be opening our doors for an interactive hands-on celebration of everything digital. Coding games inspired by BBC favourites like Dr Who and Sherlock will lift the lid on the mysterious world of computer programming with a taste of everything from digital fabrication and gaming to robotics and Raspberry Pi.

This is a free drop-in event and schools are welcome to attend.