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Bodhran Drum Making Workshop



£10 per person

About this event

Ever had a go at making  Bodhran Drum? In this workshop, lead by Rohan Young and the Fablab team, you will learn to make your own bodhran using traditional techniques and then get opportunity to personalise your own drum using the some of the processes in Fablab such as laser etching and vinyl cutting.

Rohan is a professional instrument maker who has made bodhrans for some of the top traditional musicians performing today and will take you through all the steps necessary teach you to build a drum.  You do not have to have any prior skills of making bodhrans or using a Fablab as this workshop is pitched at the beginner giving you an excellent opportunity to use  Fablab to create your own working musical instrument.

You will also get to see how Rohan has evolved his manufacturing process to make drums that incorporates new technologies such as CNC milling and advanced 3D Computer Design in instrument making.

The workshop will cost £10 per participant and each person will leave with a fully working and playable Bodhran.

To book please contact: Patrick O’Hare 028 90 755412

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